Skilled Immigrants Work Force Video

Our People

It’s the people who make CCMET Group what it is today. Being an equal opportunity employer, CCMET continues to hire skilled people from North America, overseas, and abroad. CCMET values the diversity of its people and respects their rights and ensures that the employees have a safe, healthy, and secure work environment.

The company continuously adapts new ideas to make CCMET a great place to work where employees are inspired to work to their full potential.

CCMET’s employees include advanced engineering talent, innovative technologists, to highly-skilled technicians and a competent group of operating support staff. CCMET is a large family of committed and dedicated individuals who strive for excellence in all aspects of their jobs.

Our Values and Culture

The core values within CCMET are an important element of how the employees relate and react to the positioning of the company. Each employee is committed to the Company’s core values:

  • Commitment – People First
  • Customer Service – Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Mentorship – Personal guidance at all levels
  • Ethics – A moral obligation to do the right thing
  • Team Player – Working together to achieve common goals

Mr. Harry Watson, Founder and CEO, believes that CCMET’s people are the core of the business and continues to bring this cultural spirit throughout the Company.

CCMET’s employees have purpose, cause, and passion and aim to be the best construction materials testing and engineering firm Canada-wide.