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CCMET is a materials engineering and testing, geotechnical and environmental engineering, total quality management engineering, and concrete restoration company with offices throughout Western Canada. Our group of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional services to our clients through innovative engineering, meticulous testing, and total quality management.

As an employer, we are committed to providing a vibrant environment for our employees. Our corporate culture and values includes: professional integrity; responsible and collaborative communication. CCMET offers competitive compensation, training, and benefits for every level of employment; as well as, further incentives for established employees.

CCMET is a multi-cultural and diverse organization, with employees from around the globe; our commitment to building an extraordinary team has no borders. There are 15 different languages spoken in our corporate office and flagship firm alone. Foreign educated workers hold positions at every level of our company, ranging from entry level technicians, engineers, administrators to branch managers and principal owners.

We are strong believers in global community and accountability.

Fundamental requirements for all positions with our company include; proficiency with both written and oral English, (second languages are sometimes required but are always highly valued) a valid driver’s licence and clean driving record, and verifiable credentials or references. CCMET honours both education and hands-on experience when evaluating potential team members and we are always seeking motivated and talented people to join our team.

If you have an education and/or experience in the following positions, and want to join an innovative, entrepreneurial, and rapidly growing enterprise, please refer to active job postings.


  • Geotechnical
  • Materials
  • Environmental
  • Civil


  • Concrete (Lab & Field)
  • Soils (Lab & Field)
  • Asphalt (Lab & Field)
  • Coring
  • EPS Testing
  • Aggregates Testing and Crusher Monitoring
  • Inspection and GPR experience